Application Process

While we understand that you would like to get through this process quickly, it's not simply a matter of exchanging emails and sending a check to your veterinarian. We must evaluate all applications carefully.


As you read through the step-by-step instructions please keep in mind that Labrador Life Line is a registered charity. We have to justify every penny we spend to the IRS and our donors. Our charter requires that we have complete files on each and every case we process.


As much as Labrador Life would like to help everyone who comes to us for assistance, sometimes it is just not possible due to limited funds and high volume of requests. We encourage you to investigate other resources for additional financial assistance.


Please read through each step in process thoroughly.

  1. Step 1.  Care Credit
  2. Step 2. Review Funding Guidelines
  3. Step 3. Complete Application

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  7.  Required Vet Paperwork