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If you like Labs and you like wine, we’ve got the bottle for you!  LLL partnered with Benefit Wines and LaFortuna vineyards in Chile to bring you organic wines, shipped right to your door! So share a bottle, share our story, and help Labs in need!

Tastes good, does good. For every bottle you buy, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to LLL

Selections include Stonewall Jackson's Malbec, Joyful Jeb's Carmenere, Sassy Saphira's Merlot, Bear's Sit Stay Chardonnay, Lovely Lily's Cabernet Sauvignon, and Buckeye and Archie's Double Trouble Sauvignon Blanc.


The custom labels for LLL’s wine collection feature the 6 winners of our Portrait Auction. A special thanks, of course, to all of our donors who have provided us with their valuable services, artists Stephanie Allison, Gail Kelley, Naomi Ochiai, Kathryn Schauer, Melissa Shumard, and Debbie Miller Stonebraker.


So go to Life Line Wine and make an impact!