Care Credit

Labrador Life Line is there as a last resort for those that have no other place to turn.


If your veterinarian accepts Care Credit we require that you apply for Care Credit as part of this application process.

For more information on Care Credit and to apply online, please go to Care Credit.

If you are accepted through CareCredit, you are required to use that balance before Labrador Life Line can assist with financial assistance.


Labrador Life Line will require proof that you have applied for Care Credit, if your veterinarian accepts Care Credit. Be sure to have a copy of your letter of approval or denial. If you apply Online you will be able to print the letter, which you will need to fax or email to us.

Labrador Life Line has no affiliation with Care Credit. You can usually apply at your vet's office or you can apply online at the Care Credit web site.

If your veterinarian does not accept Care Credit there is no need to apply for Care Credit (we will require your vet to verify they do not accept Care Credit)


The next step is to read our Funding Guidelines to see if you qualify for assistance from Labrador Life Line.


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