Auction Rules and Regulations

Auction Begins Friday August 29th, 2014 at 5pm Central Time

1. Labrador Life Line, Inc. (hereinafter LLL) reserves the right to not accept any final bid for less than the preset "reserve amount" for an item. The reserve amounts are set at 60% of the value as provided by the donor of the item.

2. LLL's treasurer must receive payment within 15 days from the date on which you receive your notification of the total for the item(s) won. Please note that payment must include the winning bid amount plus the appropriate amount to account for shipping and handling expenses. LLL will accept personal checks, money orders, certified and/or cashiers checks, and payment via PayPal (which accepts most of the major credit cards - Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express). Please note that we can only accept credit card payments via PayPal. If you fail to acknowledge receipt of the e-mail notifying you that your bid was the high bid or should you fail to get payment to LLL within the time frame specified above, the item will be offered to the next highest bidder and our contractual obligation to the original high bidder will be null and void by virtue of the bidder's non-response.

3. LLL is not liable for lost, damaged, incomplete, illegible or misdirected electronic mail bids.

4. Please note that in some states a bid is considered a binding contract and during this auction it will be considered as such. As such, if you are unable to fulfill your contract on any one item, then LLL will consider all of your bids (contracts) null and void and the item(s) will go to the next highest bidder.

5. Bidding is open to any persons 18 years of age or older.

6. Winners may be requested to grant permission for the use of their name, signature, photograph and likeness in advertising and promotional materials to benefit LLL's mission to provide funds for Labrador Retrievers in need.

7. All taxes (if applicable) and shipping charges are the responsibility of the winners. Shipping charges will be added to the winning bid amount.

8. The high bidder for each item will be notified by email.  In response to this notice, LLL must receive a confirmation of your bid and verification of your mailing address within 48 hours. If confirmation (complete with ground mail address) is not received, the item will be awarded to the next highest bidder. Please note: Each high bid confirmation is sent individually, therefore, if you are the high bidder for more than one item, you will receive one confirmation for each item.

9. LLL is not responsible nor liable for the completion of any custom-made items. If the donor of such an item fails to produce the item, LLL will refund the amount paid upon verification of non-completion.

10. If the auction item calls for the provision of any type of service, or work to be completed at a later date, LLL is not responsible or liable for ensuring the successful completion of that service or work. Any and all negotiations, disputes or other actions that may occur between the winning bidder and the provider of the service or work are the sole and exclusive responsibility of these two parties. The winning bidder and the service or work provider agree to hold LLL harmless for any costs or fees incurred during the course of completing the service or work.

11. LLL will not ship an item that is known to be damaged or defective. However, we cannot guarantee the condition of an item upon its receipt by the winning bidder due to the shipping process being beyond LLL's control. LLL will take due care and make all reasonable efforts to protect the item when packing it.

12. LLL will not accept returned items and cannot issue refunds.

13. All bids and charges are in US Dollars.

14. The auction runs on Central Time and will run with staggered close times on the various categories. See below for actual closing dates and times.

Please note that the auction close time will actually be staggered. As all internet users are aware, spam is a terrific problem these days so our provider allows us a set number of out-going messages per hour. The categories are set to close at the following times:

For the Dog [Lovin'] House - closes at 9pm Central September 12th
Don't Shred This Paper! (books, calendars, etc.) - closes at 5 pm Central September 13th
Dog Hair Collectors (clothes) - closes at 7pm Central September 12th
People Pleasers (stuff for hoomans) - closes at 6pm Central September 13th
For YOUR Heart Dog - closes at 2PM Central September 13th
Flea Market (odds 'n ends) - closes at 7pm Central September 12th

Please note the actual close time displayed on any item which you absolutely must have - compare the local time shown so you can convert for your locality.!

A special thanks of course to all of our donors who have provided us with so many great items!

Note: Because some bidders have had problems re-using their registration from previous auctions, LLL asks that ALL bidders register. Previous alias and passwords have been deleted. You may reset your password when your receive your registration confirmation. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, we feel that this will create fewer problems for all bidders.

Auction Begins Friday August 29th at 5pm Central Time

If you understand and agree to the above rules, please go ahead and
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