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Merry Rosenfield is the artist behind The Magic Zoo animal jewelry. She has been donating her Labrador jewelry to the Labrador Life Line auctions for many years.

And now, she is having a benefit for LLL, and wants to give you a free gift, too!

Starting Monday, July 27 through Friday, July 31, (Monday through Friday of this week) Magic Zoo is having a special 5 day sale for all LLL supporters. When you participate, you will get a free lab jewelry gift (made by Merry), and she will give LLL 15% of everything you purchase during those 3 days.

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"Pay it Forward" is defined as "the concept of asking that a good turn be repaid by having it done to others instead".

Maui had a very common knee surgery, but unfortunately developed blood clots that required that her leg be amputated. She managed well on three legs, but when she ruptured her tendon in her remaining knee, she was unable to be mobile any more. Her owner came to Labrador Life Line looking for help in obtaining a wheelchair, or cart, so that Maui could have a better quality of life. In going through the approval process, and discussing options with a wheelchair company, the stars aligned perfectly and someone was looking to donate their used cart to a person in need. They wanted to "Pay it Forward". Maui would be the beneficiary of this generosity.

Jump ahead 5 months. Maui never adjusted to her cart, and in time her mobility increased. Her owner now wanted repay the favor given to her. Enter Harrison. She suffers from probable neosporosis (a parasitic infection) which has resulted in the paralysis of her back legs. She had been a completely normal Lab until July when it was determined she had cysts growing inside her and started losing mobility shortly after that. LLL was able to help determine the cause of her paralysis, but then it was time to give Harrison the best quality of life. Once again, those same stars aligned and Maui's owner was able to give her cart to Harrison and complete her promise to "Pay it Forward".

Harrison's owner has also promised to "Pay it Forward" when the time comes. He says this about Maui's owner....

"She wrote me back and told me her dog, Maui's, story and how she got the chair and how the couple she got it from told her about paying it forward... so since her dog is getting around well without the chair, that is what she is doing... paying it forward. I promised that I would do the same... which after all the inspiration and support that I have gotten between you and LLL and everyone else that has helped me with advice, I have been truly inspired to do all that I can to pay it forward"

And from Maui's owner "She and I both are very grateful for all of the love and support from you and your group. We couldn't have done any of this with people like you."

Even though LLL did not fund the purchase of a chair, this is truly a success story of a different kind, and by sharing the hope is to possibly inspire others to "Pay it Forward"...


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